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英文SEO Footprints收集整理


简而言之网站平台的特定特征就称可以称之为Footprints;比如SMF论坛最常见的特征是SMF论坛底部一般都会有“Powered by SMF“,这个就可以叫做SMF论坛程序的footprints,我们把“Powered by SMF“放到Google中搜索会发现搜索结果中大部分都是SMF论坛,通过这种方法我们就可以不断收集整理最新的英文SEO资源。当然这个是最简单的举例说明,真正收集资源的时候,Footprints需要根据实际情况作调整,以下是一些常用的英文SEO外链平台的footprints:


“upload your articles and keep updated about new articles.”
“Would You like us to send you a daily digest about new articles every day”
“Website Design and Developed by ArticleBeach”
“Your one-stop source for free articles. Do you need contents to add to your web site?”
“Articles with any spelling or grammar errors will be deleted”
“upload your articles and keep updated about new articles.”

Article Dashboard文章平台footprints

“By publishing information packed articles, you’ll soon enjoy”
“Author Terms of Service” “Publisher Terms of Service”
“Disclaimer” “We reserve the right to include advertising on pages with your articles”
“Submit Articles” “Member Login” “Most Popular Articles” “Article RSS Feeds”
“Powered by Article Dashboard”
“There are now * Excellent Articles in our Database from * Authors”
“Use the articles in our directory on your website to provide your visitors”

Article Friendly文章平台footprints

“Submit Articles” inurl:”submitart.php”
“Powered By: Article Friendly” “total articles”
“Submit Articles” “If you do not have an account yet, you may register here.”
“Submit Articles” “Total Articles” “Total Authors” “Total Downloads”
“Use the articles in our directory on your website to provide your visitors”
inurl:submitguide.php “submit articles”


“Powered by ArticleMS” “Submit Article” “Main Menu” “Latest Articles”
“Powered by ArticleMS from”
“You do not have permission to comment. If you log in, you may be able to comment”
“Publish your article in RSS format for other websites to syndicate”


“All Blogs” “All Posts” “Top Posts” “Popular Posts”
“Hello, Guest! Join Login” blogs
“General Info” Description “rate profile” “Profile Comments”
“Powered by Dolphin”
“Hello, Guest!” “Powered by Dolphin”
“Free Community Software. from BoonEx”
“Blogs Home” “All Blogs” “All Posts” “Top Posts” “Popular Posts” “Featured Posts” Tags Calendar Search


inurl:register.php “powered by elgg”
“Powered by Elgg, the leading open source social networking platform”
“Latest bookmarks” “Powered by Elgg”
“New Elgg site”
“Example of information in the left hand pane” “Powered by Elgg”
“Powered by Elgg” “Latest blog posts”
“Powered by Elgg” inurl:account/register.php
“Seashells Elgg Theme”
“Free Elgg Theme by SocialWeb”
“Free Elgg Theme by”
“Free Elgg Theme by Juipo”


“Additional Articles From”
“Do not submit articles filled with spelling errors and bad grammar”
“If you have hired a ghost writer, you agree that you have”
“Powered by WordPress ¾ Using Article Directory plugin”
“Publish your article in RSS format for other websites to syndicate”
“registered authors in our article directory”
“RSS Articles” “RSS comments” “Recent Articles”
“RSS Articles” “RSS comments” “Recent Articles”
“Authorization” “Username:” “Password:” “Remember Me” “Register” “Lost
your password?”
“There are * published articles and * registered authors in our article directory.”
“There are * published articles and * registered authors”
“This author has published * articles so far. More info about the author is coming soon.”
“Using Article Directory plugin”
“Welcome to article directory *. Here you can find interesting and useful information on most popular themes.”
“Powered by WordPress + Article Directory plugin”


“Powered by TikiWiki”
“Theme: Fluid Index by Your Index”
“Thank you for installing TikiWiki!”
“Make sure to whitelist this domain to prevent registration emails being canned by your spam filter!”
“Theme: Eatlon”
“Theme: Fivealive – Kiwi”
“Tema: Fivealive”
“Tema: Fivealive – Lemon”
“Theme: Coelesce”
“Theme: Fivealive”
“Theme: Feb12″
“Theme: Jqui”
“Theme: Ohia”
“Thème: Strasa – Mono”
“Powered by Tikiwiki CMS/Groupware”


“This page was last modified” “This page has been accessed” “Log in / create account” “Wiki:About”
inurl:”Especial:Entrar” wiki
inurl:”Especial:Registre_i_entrada” wiki
inurl:”Especial:Userlogin” wiki
inurl:”Specjalna:Zaloguj” wiki
inurl:”Spezial:Anmelden” wiki
inurl:”Utente:” wiki
inurl:”Utilisateur:” wiki
inurl:”Utilizador:” wiki
inurl:”wiki/index.php?title=” wiki
“There is currently no text in this page, you can search for this page title in other pages or edit this page.”
“what links here” “related changes” “special pages”
“Powered By MediaWiki” inurl:wiki


“Powered By MyBB”
“Contact MyBB Group”
“for support with MyBB, visit support”
“2002 – 2012 MyBB Group”
“2002 – 2011 MyBB Group”
“2002 – 2010 MyBB Group”
“Deutsche Übersetzung:”
“Homepage” “Contact Details” “Profile of” “Registration Date” “Additional Info About”
“Next Oldest” “Next Newest” Search Calendar Help “View New Posts” “View Today’s Posts”


inurl:profile.php?mode=register “Powered by phpBB”
“Powered by phpBB”
Memberlist Usergroups “Log in to check your private messages”
“Login and Registration Issues” “User Preferences and settings” “Formatting and Topic Types”
“modified by Przemo”
“Style created by PiotreQ9″


“powered by fluxbb”
“Hosted by PunBB-Hosting”
“Newest registered user” “Registered users online” “Registered users today”
“Total number of registered users” “Newest registered user” “User list”
“Choose in which forum you would like to search”
“Find and sort users” “User search” “User list”


“Powered by ExpressionEngine”
“This page is only accessible to logged-in users with proper access privileges”
“ExpressionEngine Discussion Forum – version”
“The most visitors ever was” “Post Marker Legend”
“If you leave this field blank, your screen name will be the same as your username”
“This page is only accessible to logged-in users with proper access privileges”
“Template Design By”


“powered by PunBB”
“The pun_posts_feed official extension is installed”
“supported by Informer Technologies, Inc”
“You are not logged in. Please login or register” “Active topics” “Unanswered topics”
“The pun_antispam official extension is installed”
“The * official extension is installed”
“Total number of registered users” “Newest registered user” “User list”
“Choose in which forum you would like to search”
“Find and sort users” “User search” “User list”
“Propulsé par PunBB”
“supporté par Informer Technologies, Inc”
“Meghajtja a PunBB”
“támogatja az Informer Technologies, Inc”
“Postaveno na PunBB”|”Forum oparte o: PunBB”
“Unfortunately no one can be told what PunBB is — you have to see it for yourself”


“Powered by SMF”
“powered by Simple Machines”
“Powered by SMF” inurl:”register.php”
“Please note that with each post, your IP address is recorded”
“Listen to the letters / Request another image”
“Most users online today” “Most users online ever”


“Powered by vBulletin”
“Copyright * vBulletin Solutions”
“powered by vbulletin” inurl:”showthread”
“What’s Going On?” “forum Statistics” “Currently Active Users”
“Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below”


“Powered by XMB”
“The XMB Group”
“Entwickelt von Aventure Media”
“Die XMB Gruppe”
“Top 5 most viewed topics” “Top 5 most replied to topics” “5 Latest Topics”
“User Maintenance” “Using the Board” “Posting & Reading messages” “Misc Questions”
“Last Active : Never” “Not logged in [Login - Register]”
“Entwickelt von The XMB Group”


“Powered by 4images” “Post comment”
“Powered by 4images” “Kommentar posten”
“Powered by 4images” “Agregar comentario”
“Template by Cameraland”
“Template * Bali Web Design”

Advanced Guestbook footprints

“Powered by Advanced Guestbook”
“AGCode is ON” “Smilies are ON”

Coppermine Photo Gallery footprints

“Add your comment” “Coppermine Photo Gallery”
“Rate this file” “Coppermine Photo Gallery”
“ChaoticSoul WP Design by Bryan Veloso” “Rate this file”
“Bridge by” “Rate this file”
“Coppermine Themes by SiteGround web hosting” “Rate this file”

DatsoGallery footprints

“Next Image” “SlideShow:” “Comment added on:” “Your Comment”
“Next Image”+”SlideShow:”+”Comment added on:”+”Your Comment”
“DatsoGallery By Andrey Datso” “Your Comment”

Guestbook footprints

“Scripts and Guestbook created by Matt Wright”
inurl:guestbook/index.php|”Administration” “Sign the Guestbook” “Next Page” “Advanced Guestbook”


“Recent Bookmarks” register “log in” “Recent Tags”
scuttle inurl:”sort=url_asc”
scuttle inurl:”/search.php/all/”
inurl:populartags.php “Popular tags”
“Propulsed by SemanticScuttle”
“Scuttle: Recent bookmarks”
“Social bookmarking by scuttlePLUS”
inurl:”bookmarks.php scuttle”
“by scuttlePLUS”
“Store, share and tag your favourite links” scuttle
“Don’t ask for my password for 2 weeks”
“Store all your favourite links in one place, accessible from anywhere”
bookmarks “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
date “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
first “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
next “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
Previous “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
register “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
“Sort by:” “Store, share and tag your favourite links”
“Speicher alle Deine Webseiten-Favoriten an einem Ort”


“Published News” “Upcoming News” “Submit a New Story” Groups “Create a Group”
“Published News” “Upcoming News” “Submit a new story” “What is Pligg?”
“Published News” “Upcoming News” “Submit a New Story” “Powered by Pligg”
inurl:/register “Powered by Pligg”
“Pligg is a Web 2.0 open source content management system”
“Powered By Pligg” “Legal: License and Source”
“Designed by Pligg Templates”
“Already have an account? Fantastic, log in below!”
“My Pligg Site gives you a place to save and share your favorite web links”
“Pligg Content Management System” “Register an Account”
“Powered by Pligg CMS”
“Sort news by: Recently Popular” “Top Today” Yesterday Week Month Year
inurl:”/pligg” inurl:/register.php
inurl:”cloud.php” intitle:”pligg”
inurl:”faq-en.php” pligg
inurl:”live_comments” intitle:”pligg”
inurl:”register” intitle:”pligg”
inurl:”upcoming” intitle:”pligg”
inurl:/register upcoming published submit “Tag Cloud” -inurl:.php
inurl:”/register” upcoming published submit
inurl:”/register” upcoming published submit -inurl:.php intitle:”register”
inurl:”/register” upcoming published submit “Tag Cloud”
inurl:”/register.php” “Powered by Pligg”